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Lakes Flying Company Waterhen


Water Bird was succeeded by the Lakes-built Water Hen, their first complete product. It was initially almost identical to its predecessor apart from straight edged ailerons. Larger, later modifications removed much of the similarity between the two aircraft, the later Water Hen having a much wider central float.

Water Bird's successor, identical, but entirely designed and built at Windermere by Capt. Wakefield's Lakes Flying Company later in 1912, was known as "Water Hen". Its only Avro component was the airscrew and at first it could be distinguished from its Avro-built forerunner by the wingtip floats and straight trailing edges to the ailerons. These were mounted parallel to the chord line of the mainplanes instead of at a considerable angle to it. They were later remounted in the angled position but by that time more drastic modifications had been made and all similarity to Water Bird ceased.

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