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North Wing Aircraft ATF Soaring Trike


The ATF Soaring Trike (ATF = Air Time Fix) adds power a hang glider to climb to the thermals and power-off for lightweight trike soaring.  The ATF Trike can use any hang glider or the specially-designed Stratus wing which has been built specifically for this lightweight trike.  

The double surface Stratus wing provides best performance for cross-country, has a great sink rate and slow-speed handling, and is best for short-field take-offs.   When the lift gets light, pull the overhead starter and fly back to your flying field.

All ATF Trike features 6" Nylon Wheels, 4-Point Harness, Foot Throttle, Fuel Primer, Utility Bag, RPM/CHT Gauges, and Black Seat.

ATF Trike

Engine: MZ34
Weight: 102 lbs.
Empty Weight (Stratus / MZ): 186 lbs.
Gross Weight (Stratus / MZ): 550 lbs.
Climb Rate: Approx. 300-500 FPM
Wheel Base: 62" (outside)
Wheel Base: 61" (front-to-rear)
Height - Trike folded: 2.25 feet w/o prop
Smallest Size folded: W27" x H30" x L55"



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