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Northrop Tacit Blue


The "Tacit Blue" was built to test the advances in stealth technology. The aircraft made its first flight in February 1982 and by the conclusion of the program in 1985 had flown 135 times.




The entire program cost $165 million and Northrop, as the main contractor, received $136 million. The data collected from the Tacit Blue project was later used on the B-2 Spirit, also made by Northrop.


Tacit Blue
Engines: 2 x Garrett ATF3-6
Max take-off weight: 13500 kg / 29763 lb
Wingspan: 14.69 m / 48 ft 2 in
Length: 17.0 m / 55 ft 9 in
Height: 3.23 m / 10 ft 7 in
Cruise speed: 460 km/h / 286 mph
Ceiling: 9000 m / 29550 ft



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