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North American Navion
Ryan L-17 Navion



Designed by Edgar Schmued and Roy Liming, the NAvion embodied many design features of the parent P-51 Mustang, including the famed laminar-flow wing. It was priced at $7,750 which had risen to $8,990 in 1948. A large four seat all metal tourer with sliding canopy produced from 1947 to 1957.
The first 1109 were built by North American, including 47 to the USAF as L-17A (NA-154). With a market slump and increased production costs (planned selling price of $6,000 was a bit unrealistic in the face of a construction cost nearly $18,000), rights were sold in 1948 to Ryan Co, who used a lower-case "A" in the plane's name. Ryan Aircraft who built about a thousand more.


In 1948 the original 1946 model was upgraded from 185 hp to 205 hp. The Navion B of 1951 introduced 260 hp, and the 240 and 250-hp Continentals came out in 1958 and 1959 respectively.




Original L-17A was military version of civil NAvion (47-1297-1379) built by North American. When Ryan took over production, 158 more were ordered by U.S.A.F. as L-17B's. L-17C is L-17A modified by Ryan. Forty-seven L-17A went to National Guard units. All are 4-seat liaison aircraft powered by a 205 h,p. Continental O-470-3 engine. The US,A.F. transferred 170 L-17s to the Civil Air Patrol during 1954. Some were converted to QL-17 target drones.




Ryan produced more than 1000 Navion 205 during 1948-50.


The 1960 Rangemaster G-1 was a five-seat version of North American/Ryan Navion (N514H) first flying on 10 June 1960.
Navion Rangemaster N2420T

One of the later manufacturers introduced the Rangemaster model which had conventional doors and was produced from 1962 to 1970.

Ryan L-17 Navion

Navion Aircraft Co was founded in 1965 by the American Navion Society to provide spares and support for owners of Ryan/North American Navion lightplanes. All rights to the aircraft were acquired and a developed version, the five-seat Navion Rangemaster H, was produced before the company was liquidated and taken over by the Navion Rangemaster Aircraft Company.

In 1972 Navion Rangemaster Aircraft Co purchased the assets of the bankrupt Navion Aircraft Company, including jigs, machine tools, and spare parts to support Ryan/North American Navion lightplanes. In 1973 production of the Navion Rangemaster restarted, the first aircraft flying late the following year. Consolidated Holding Incorporated acquired control of the company in 1975 and announced plans to manufacture the Rangemaster H at the rate of one per week.


Navion Rangemaster


The Navion Rangemaster has been in and out of production in the past, and its 1977 revival has at times seemed sur-rounded more by promises than produc-tion. Where the factory formerly sold Rangemasters direct, all selling will now be done by Two Jacks, of Olive Branch, Missis-sippi. Two Jacks has, in fact, obligated itself to accept 100 Navion Rangernasters, to be built during 1976-78.




Riley Twin Navion
Camair Twin Navion

NA-145 NAvion
ATC 782
Engine: Continental E-185, 185 hp
Wing span: 33'5"
Length: 27'8"
Useful load: 1016 lb
Max speed: 157 mph
Cruise speed147 mph
Stall: 54 mph
Range: 530 mi
Range with wing tanks: 980 mi
Ceiling: 15,000'
Seats: 4
No built: 1110
Ryan Navion 205
Engine: Continental E185-3, 205 hp
Cruise: 155 mph
ROC: 1050 fpm
Seats: 4

Navion B

Engine: Lycoming, 260 hp


Navion H
Engine: Continental IO-520-B, 285hp
Wingspan: 34 ft 9 in / 10.59 m
Length: 27'6" / 8.38 m
Empty weight: 1945 lb / 882 kg
MTOW: 3315 lb / 1504 kg
Useful load: 1370 lb
Max speed: 200 mph
Cruise speed: 163 kt / 188 mph / 302 kph
ROC SL: 375 fpm / 420 m /min
Service ceiling: 21,500 ft / 6550 m
Range max fuel: 1454 nm / 1675 mi / 2695 km
Seats: 5
Baggage capacity: 180 lb / 82 kg
Rangemaster G-1
Engine: Continental IO-470-H, 260hp
Wingspan: 34'9"
Length: 27'10"
Useful load: 1231 lb
Max speed: 192 mph
Cruise speed: 185 mph
Stall: 58 mph
Range: 1858 mi
Seats: 5


Navion Rangemaster
Cruise 170-190 mph
Seats: 5
Range: 1400-1600 miles

North American Aviation Navion L-17
Engine:Continental IO-550B, 300 hp @ SL
TBO: 2000 hrs
Fuel type: 100LL
Propeller: D3A32C403C/82NDB-2, 82 in.
Landing gear type: Tri./Retr.
Max ramp weight: 3150 lb
Gross weight: 3150 lb
Landing weight: 3150 lb
Empty weight, std: 1950 lb
Useful load: 1300 lb
Payload, full std. fuel: 820 lb
Usable fuel, std: 80 USgal
Oil capacity: 12 qt
Wingspan: 33 ft 5 in
Overall length: 27 ft 8 in
Height: 8 ft 8 in
Wing area:184 sq. ft
Wing loading: 17.1 lbs./sq. ft
Power loading: 10.5 lbs./hp
Wheel size: 6.00 x 6 in
Seating capacity: 4
Cabin width: 47 in
Cabin height: 47 in
Baggage capacity: 190lb
Cruise speed 75% power @ 24,000 ft: 165 kt
Cruise speed 65% power @ 6,500 ft: 162 kt
Cruise speed 55% power @ 16,000 ft: 144 kt
Max range (w/ reserve): 940 nm
Fuel consumption 75% power @ 9,500 ft: 12.5 USgph
Vs: 60 kt
Vso: 47 kt
Best rate of climb: 2000 fpm
Best rate of climb, 8,000 ft: 1000 fpm
Service ceiling: 21,000 ft
Takeoff ground roll: 600 ft
Takeoff over 50-ft. obstacle:1000 ft
Landing ground roll: 400 ft
Landing over 50-ft. obstacle: 1000 ft

Ryan Navion Super 260
Engine: Lycoming GO-435-C2, 260 hp

Produced 1950-51  

Ryan L-17 Navion
Engine: Continental E-185, 185 hp @ SL
Horsepower for takeoff: 205
TBO: 1500 hr
Fuel type: 80/87
Propeller: Variable Pitch
Landing gear type: Tri/Retr.
Max ramp weight: 2850 lb
Gross weight: 2850 lb
Landing weight: 2850 lb
Empty weight, std: 1785 lb
Useful load, std: 1065 lb
Payload, full std. fuel: 705 lb
Usable fuel: 60 USgal
Oil capacity: 10 qt
Wingspan: 33 ft. 5 in
Overall length: 27 ft. 8 in
Height: 8 ft. 8 in
Wing area: 184 sq. ft
Wing loading: 15.5 lbs./sq. ft
Power loading: 15.4 lbs./hp
Wheel size: 6.00 x 6 in
Seating capacity: 4
Cabin width: 47 in
Cabin height: 47 in
Cruise speed 70% power @ 5,000 ft.: 130 kt
Cruise speed 60% power @ 5,000 ft: 120 kt
Cruise speed 51% power @ 5,000 ft: 100 kt
Max range (w/ reserve) 70% power: 450 nm
Max range (w/ reserve) 60% power: 500 nm
Max range (w/ reserve) 51% power: 570 nm
Fuel consumption 70% power: 12.0 USgph
Fuel consumption 60% power: 10.6 USgph
Fuel consumption 51% power: 8.0 Usgph
Stall speed (flaps up): 54 kt
Stall speed (flaps down): 47 kt
Best rate of climb: 830 fpm
Service ceiling: 15,600 ft
Takeoff ground roll: 561 ft
Landing ground roll: 354 ft

Ryan L-17A Navion

Ryan L‑17B Navion
Engine: 205 h,p. Continental O-470-3
Span: 33 ft. 41 in
Max Weight: 2,750 lb

Max. Speed: 163 mph



Navion Rangemaster





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