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North American T-2 Buckeye


With a requirement in 1956 for a multi-role jet trainer, the US Navy awarded North American a contract to build its North American NA-241 design, which combined proven components and equipment from earlier aircraft manufactured by the company. Ordered as the T2J-1 (later T-2A), this trainer combined a wing derived from the FJ-1 Fury and the control system of the T-28C Trojan with a single 1542kg thrust Westinghouse J34-WE-36 turbojet, and accommodated the instructor and pupil in tandem, seated (eventually) on zero-zero ejection seats.

The first of six initial production T-2As was flown on 31 January 1958 and deliveries to the US Navy began in July 1959, by which time the name Buckeye had been allocated to this trainer. Equipping US Navy Training Squadrons VT-4, -7, -9 and -19, a total of 217 T-2As was built.

Two were modified to serve as YT-2B prototypes, in which the single J34 turbojet was replaced by two 1361kg thrust Pratt & Whitney J60-P-6 turbojets. The first was flown on 30 August 1962, being followed by 97 similar T-2B aircraft.

Final production version was the T-2C which introduced General Electric J85 turbojets, preceded by a single YT-2C prototype conversion from a T-2B.

A total of 273 was built under US Navy contracts before production ceased at the beginning of 1961, comprising 231 T-2Cs for navy use, plus 12 T-2D and 30 T-2E aircraft procured for Venezuela and Greece respectively.

It was to be retired in favour of the more advanced T-45 Goshawk which has cockpit instrumentation similar to the F/A-18 Hornet.

Engine: 1 x 3,400 lbs.t. (1542 kpg) Westinghouse J34-WE-36
Max speed, 492 mph (792 kph) at 25,000 ft (7620 m)
Cruise, 422 mph (679 kph)
Initial climb, 5,000 fpm (25.4 m/sec)
Service ceiling, 42,500 ft (12 950 m)
Range, 550 mls (885 km)
Empty weight, 6,893 lb (3 127 kg)
Loaded weight, 9,916 lb (4498 kg)
Span, 36 ft (10.97 m)
Length, 38 ft 8 in (11.78 m)
Wing area, 255 sq.ft (23.7 sq.m)

Engines: 2 x 3,000 lbs.t. (1316 kgp) J60.

Engines: 2 x General Electric J85-GE-4 turbo-jet, 13.1kN
Max take-off weight: 5978 kg / 13179 lb
Empty weight: 3681 kg / 8115 lb
Wingspan: 11.63 m / 38 ft 2 in
Length: 11.79 m / 38 ft 8 in
Height: 4.51 m / 14 ft 10 in
Wing area: 23.70 sq.m / 255.10 sq ft
Ceiling: 13535 m / 44400 ft
Range: 1465 km / 910 miles
Crew: 2

Engines: 2 x General Electric J85-GE-4 turbojet, 2,950 lb
Wing span: 38 ft 1.5 in (11.62 m)
Max speed: 530 mph (852 km/h)


North American T-2 Buckeye



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