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Nord N.1500 Griffon



The Gerfaut lB and Gerfaut II prototypes paved the way for the N.1500 Griffon prototype of interceptor potential. After early tests of the Gerfaut la, Nord designed and built the Nord 1500-01 Griffon I research aircraft, which was intended to flight-test a combined turbojet-ramjet power unit. A delta wing aircraft with 60 degrees of sweepback on the leading edge, the N 1500 had elevons for control in pitch and roll. Thus the tail unit comprised only swept vertical surfaces, and fixed foreplanes were mounted on each side of the forward fuselage.

This flew on 20 September 1955 with a 4100kg thrust SNECMA Atar 101G21 afterburning turbojet, but was soon fitted with the planned combination powerplant comprising a 3800kg thrust Atar 101F turbojet and a Nord ramjet to produce the Griffon II and achieved Mach 1.85 in 1957. This was capable of supersonic performance on its ramjet, but was not developed into an operational type.


At the completion of initial testing the airframe was modified to accept a 3500kg thrust Atar 101E3 turbojet within the ducting of an integral ramjet of Nord design, the turbojet being located just forward of the ramjet burners. Then redesignated N 1500-02 Griffon II, it was flown first on 23 January 1957, completing more than 200 test flights before the Nord research programme ended in 1959.

27 October 1958 pilot Andre Turcat set closed circuit speed record of 1,638 kmh.









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