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Nord N.1402 Gerfaut / 1405 Gerfaut II

N.1402 Gerfaut I

Nord was another protagonist of the tailless delta configuration, and on 3 August 1954 is N.1402 Gerfaut I prototype with the Atar 101D3 turbojet became the first aeroplane to exceed Mach 1 in level flight without an afterburner or a supplementary rocket motor. Gerfaut IB and Gerfaut II prototypes were also produced, and these paved the way for the N.1500 Griffon prototype of interceptor potential.


The Gerfaut II was a development of the Gerfaut 1A, which was the first high-powered jet delta-wing aircraft to fly in France (15 January 1954), powered by a 43.15kN SNECMA Atar 101G turbojet with afterburner. The Gerfaut II first flew on 17 April 1956 and on 16 February 1957 established a number of time-to-height records from a standing start, including a climb to a height of 6,000m in 1 minute 17 seconds and to 9,000m in 1 minute 34 seconds. The Gerfauts were used to collect data for a high-speed fighter design.



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