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Nord 1200 Srs

1203/II Norécrin II

Using the same basic configuration as the Messerschmitt Bf 108, Nord developed the Nord 1200 with fixed tricycle landing gear, whose prototype flew in December 1945 with a 75-kW (100-hp) Mathis G4R engine.

There were several military and civil variants, the main versions to enter civil service being the three-seat Nord 1201 Norécrin I with the 104-kW (140-hp) Renault 4Pei engine, the four-seat Nord 1203/II Norécrin II with the 101-kW (135-hp) Regnier 4L00, the Nord 1203/III Norecrin III with modified landing gear, the Nord 1203/lV Norecrin IV with the 127-kW (170-hp) Regnier 4L02, the Nord 1203/Vl Norécrin VI with the 108-kW (145-hp) Regnier 4L14, and the final Nord 1204 and Nord 1204/II models of 1959 with the 93- and 108-kW (125- and 145-hp) Continental C125 and C145 engines respectively.

Nord 1200

Engine: Mathis G4R, 75-kW (100-hp)
U/C: fixed

Nord 1201 Norécrin I
Engine: Renault 4Pei, 104-kW (140-hp)
Seats: 3

Nord 1203/II Norécrin II
Powerplant: l x Regnier 4L00, 101 kW (135hp)
Span: 10.22m (33ft 6.25 in)
Length: 7.21 m (23ft 8in).
Max T/O weight: 1050kg (2,315Ib)
Max speed: 137 mph at sea level
Operational range: 559 miles
Seats: 4

Nord 1203/III Norecrin III

Nord 1203/lV Norecrin IV
Engine: Regnier 4L02, 127-kW (170-hp)

Nord 1203/Vl Norécrin VI
Engine: Regnier 4L14, 108-kW (145-hp)
Length: 23.163 ft / 7.06 m
Height: 9.088 ft / 2.77 m
Wingspan: 33.465 ft / 10.2 m
Wing area: 140.685 sqft / 13.07 sq.m
Max take off weight: 1730.9 lb / 785.0 kg
Weight empty: 1080.5 lb / 490.0 kg
Max. weight carried: 650.5 lb / 295.0 kg
Max. speed: 133 kts / 246 km/h
Initial climb rate: 708.66 ft/min / 3.60 m/s
Service ceiling: 16404 ft / 5000 m
Wing load: 12.3 lb/sq.ft / 60.0 kg/sq.m
Range: 486 nm / 900 km
Endurance: 5 h
Crew: 2



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