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Nirvana Paramotors Cruise Trike


The main feature of the Cruise Trike is the simple packing. The landing gear can be completely disassembled. The assembly is simple and takes only a few minutes. The disassembled trike can be transported in the boot of a car. For transport and storage a special bag is available.

The trikes are fully compatible with all Nirvana paramotors.

It can have added some simple, light and easy to disassemble landing gear. The wheels can be easily replaced with special skis during winter. The trikes offer the chance of motor flying to people who do not want or cannot provide a running take-off with a paramotor mounted on their back. The special two seat trike allows tandem pilots easy take-off and landing even when carrying a passenger.


Nirvana Paramotors Cruise Carbon Trike improved the older Cruise Trike version using new and better materials. Added are spoke aluminium wheels and spring suspension on the back axels.
pilot sits in the harness, which hangs above the trike.
The Cruise Carbon bag will allow the disassembled trike into only one bag, where the front wheel of the trike is used to wheel the assembly. No tools required. All parts are jointed with interlocking connectors.

The side spreaders will open, when you are getting in, and close, when you are there. The side spreaders eliminate the propeller torsion factor.
The rescue chute container can be placed on side, in the front or in the bottom of the harness, thanks to free suspension device.

Maximum Load: 175 kg
Body: Laminated shell
Colour: Orange
Back Axles: Carbon sandwich
Central Axle Tube: Aluminium, carbon
Frame: Stainless steel
Wheels: Aluminium, spoke
Joints: Quickjoints with locks
Brake: Drum, integrated into front wheel



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