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New Standard D25

New Standard D-25 as crop-duster N928V
The 1925 D-25 received ATC 108 and was priced at $9,795. About 45 were built. ATC 2-542 was issued in 1937.



In 1928 the Gates-Day Aircraft Corporation became New Standard Aircraft Corporation, and the following year produced the White New Standard D-25 tandem, open-cockpit four-seat biplane, developed from the Gates-Day GD-24.

With the pilot seated behind and four passengers in front, all in open cockpits, it is a large biplane by any standards.

Designed by Charles H Day, production of D-25s began at the Gates Day plant at Peterson, New Jersey in 1928 and when production ceased two years later about 65 of the type had been delivered - a few were built during the 1930s as crop dusters.

Jones Aircraft Corp was formed in 1935 by Ben Jones after acquiring rights in D-25 biplane previously built by the New Standard Aircraft Company. Jones built 10 of these in 1938, in factory at Schenectady, New York.




New Standard D-25
The 1929 D-25A (ATC 224) was powered by a 225hp J-6 for an increase in load. Priced at $7,990, five were built, NC33K, NC38K, NC150M, NC930V, NC9190, the next-to-last of which was modified with 300hp J-6 as D-25B (see White D-25B).
The D-25X was a modification of D-25A, registered N37K c/n 203.


Engine: 220hp Wright J-5
Wingspan: (upper) 45'0" (lower) 32'6"
Length: 26'10"
Useful load: 810 lb
Max speed: 110 mph
Cruise: 98 mph
Stall: 37 mph
Range: 490 mi
Ceiling: 18,000'
Seats: 5
Engine: 225hp Wright J-6







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