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Cougar 1


The design, by Robert Nesmith, is a conventional high-wing, strut-braced monoplane with fixed tailwheel undercarriage. The pilot and a single passenger were seated side-by-side with dual controls. The fuselage and empennage were of welded steel-tube construction, while the wings were of wood, and the whole aircraft was fabric-covered. Continental engines of C75, C85 and C90 can be used.
The first, N75282, first flew in March 1957.
With a redline speed of 195 mph, the Cougar maintains a brisk cruise of 120 to 165 mph, depending on choice of engine which can range form 65 hp to 125 hp. Landing approach is done at 80 mph and touchdown is around 70.
Cougar C-1 by Warren Croace


The original Cougar design was marketed by Nesmith himself. The design was modified by Leonard Eaves for an EAA design contest in 1963, principally for the purpose of including folding wings. When the modified Cougar won an Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) design competition in 1963, that organization took over selling plans. Rights to the design were eventually purchased by Acro Sport.
The aircraft can be towed to and from the airport on its own landing gear.



The aircraft shape was influenced by the Beechcraft Staggerwing and Wittman Tailwind. The name came from the college of Nesmith's daughter, the University of Houston, whose athletic mascot is a cougar.





Nesmith Cougar
The original design for home building

Nesmith Cougar Comet
Cougar modified with a 125hp Lycoming O-290D.

Nesmith Chigger & Landoll's Skydoll
One example was built with folding wings and Culver Cadet landing gear, called the "Chigger". Another example built with folding wings with automatic control latching.


Eaves Cougar 1


Engine: Lycoming O-235, 115-hp (86 kW)
Wingspan: 20 ft 6 in (6.25 m)
Wing area: 83 sq.ft (7.71 sq.m)
Aspect ratio: 5.06
Length: 18 ft 11 in (5.77 m)
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Empty weight: 624 lb (283 kg)
Gross weight: 1,250 lb (567 kg)
Fuel capacity 25 USG
Maximum speed: 195 mph (314 km/h)
Cruise 166 mph
Stall 53 mph
Climb rate 1300 fpm
Service ceiling: 13,000 ft (3,950 m)
Takeoff run 450 ft
Landing roll 350 ft
Range: 750 miles (1,200 km)
Seats: 2

Engine: Continental C-85, 80 hp
Speed max: 195 mph
Cruise: 135 mph
Range: 600 sm
Stall: 53 mph
ROC: 1000 fpm
Take-off dist: 800 ft
Landing dist: 700 ft
Service ceiling: 16,000 ft
HP range: 65-125
Fuel cap: 25 USG
Weight empty: 624 lb
Gross: 1250 lb
Height: 5.5 ft.
Length: 18.9 ft
Wing span: 20.5 ft
Wing area: 82.5 sq.ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: tail wheel



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