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NDN Aircraft NAC 1 Freelance


A conventional four seat light single, the Freelance can fold its wings to slip into a space four metres by nine metres. The swing wing capability has enabled a lengthy 39 foot span wing, providing an aspect ratio of over nine. The higher the aspect ratio the less the induced drag; enabling the manufacturer to claim that the Freelance, weight for weight, burns less fuel generating its lift than all other aircraft in its class.

First flown in September 1984.

Powered by a 180hpLycoming, the Freelance offers a cruise on 75 percent power of 117.3 knots (135 mph), an 800 fpm rate of climb, a take-off run (to 50feet) of 1380feet (421 metres) and a landing run (from 50 feet) of 1120 feet (341 metres). Total useful load is 1050 lb. Equipped with large section tyres, the Freelance can operate from grass strips. A 100 United States gallon capacity detachable belly tank is available for the spray role.

Engine: Lycoming, 180 hp
Wing span: 39 ft
Cruise 75%: 117.3 kt (135 mph)
ROC: 800 fpm
Take-off run (to 50 ft): 1380feet (421 metres)
Landing run (from 50 ft): 1120 feet (341 metres)
Useful load: 1050 lb



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