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NDN Aircraft NDN-1 Firecracker / Turbo Firecracker


Designed by N.D. Norman, formerly of the Britten-Norman Company, the prototype of the NDN-1 Firecracker (G-NDNI) two-seat civil and military training and sports aircraft made its maiden flight on 26 May 1977.

Desmond Norman designed, built and flew the prototype of a high-performance piston single, the NDN1 Firecracker. Its origin can be traced to the day a friend of his thought he'd buy a Siai-Marchetti SF.260; Norman decided to build you a better airplane. Norman aimed to neither build nor market the Firecracker himself but to sell the whole manufacturing project to a smaller country that perhaps had never even built aircraft before.
Intended as a primary military trainer, the Firecracker is designed to + 9 and -6 Gs, and the prototype has full inverted fuel and oil, controllable three-blade Hoffrnan prop, pushrod ailerons and elevators and a rate of roll that should exceed 200 degrees a second. Range is 1,390 nautical miles to dry tanks, 75-percent cruise 175 knots on a 260-horsepower Lycoming. Gross is 2,650 pounds, or 2,150 pounds for advanced aerobatics. It can operate to 50 feet inside 1,200 feet of run. The tall gear is designed to allow underwing weapon pods, and there is an under fuselage air brake to steady the machine on a diving attack run, and to keep it below Vne.

The cabin is wide and deep, to allow occupants to wear full military flying gear, and its layout is very military. The rear seat is substantially raised above the front one, to give the observer/instructor a remarkable view of what is happening. That straight, low aspect ratio wing looks odd on such a high-performance design, but it is easier to build than a tapered wing.

From this aircraft has been developed the turboprop-powered NDN-1T Turbo Firecracker, the first flown on 1 September 1983.



Norman NDN-1T Turbo Firecracker

NDN-1T Turbo-Firecracker
Engine: 1 x P&WAC PT6A turboprop, 410 kW
Span: 7.9 m
Length: 8.3 m
Wing area: 11.9 sq.m
Empty wt: 1210 kg
MTOW: 1830 kg
Max speed: 375 kph
Initial ROC: 628 m / min
Ceiling: 8260 m
T/O run (to 15m): 530 m
Ldg run (from 15m): 760 m
Fuel internal: 405 lt
Range: 1120 miles



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