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Designed for the US Navy in 1934, and outwardly similar to the service’s current Consolidated NY-2 and -3, the N3N featured an all-metal primary structure covered with fabric except along the fuselage sides, which featured removable alloy panels. The XN3N-1 prototype, 9991, flew in August 1935 with a 164-kW (220-hp) Wright J-5 radial, an engine that was out of production but stocked in considerable numbers.
The prototype was evaluated as a landplane and floatplane, resulting in a 1935 order for 179 N3N-ls (0017/0101, 0644/0723, 0952/0966),at about $25,000 unit cost. The N3N-1S was a single-float version.
The XN3N-1 became an N3N-1.
NAF N3N-1 0680
Single XN3N-2 (0265) in 1936 and XN3N-3 (N3N-1 conversion 0020) prototypes were used to evaluate the 179-kW (240-hp) R-760-96 engine that was then used in the last 20 N3N-ls and retrofitted in the earlier aircraft.
There followed, in 1940,816 N3N-3s (1759/1808, 1908/2007, 2573/3072, 4352/4517) with a revised tail and modified landing gear, and the N3Ns were amongst the Navy’s most important wheel- and float-equipped primary trainers throughout World War II.
NAF N3N-3 1777

Engine: l x Wright R-790S, 220hp
Length: 24'5"
Max speed: 122 mph
Cruise speed: 105 mph
Ceiling: 14,500 ft
N3N-1, -1S
Engine: l x Wright R-790-8, 220hp
Engine: l x Wright R-760, 235hp
Engine: l x Wright R-760, 235hp
Engine: l x Wright 8-760-2 Whirlwind 7,175kW (235 hp)
Span: 10.36m / 34ft)
Wing area: 304.944 sq.ft / 28.330 sq.m
Length: 7.77m (25ft 6in)
Height: 10.827 ft / 3.3 m
Max T/O weight: 1266 kg (2,792 lb)
Weight empty: 2090.3 lb / 948.0 kg
Max speed: 126 mph at sea level
Cruising speed: 78 kts / 145 km/h
Cruising speed: 50 mph
Service ceiling: 15207 ft / 4635 m
Wing load: 9.23 lb/sq.ft / 45.0 kg/sq.m
Operational range: 470 miles
Crew: 2
Armament: none




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