National Airways System Air King

NAS Air King Dole racer City of Peoria NX3070
In 1926 National Airways System designed and produced the three/four-seat open-cockpit Air King commercial/touring biplane. Alternative engines offered included the Curtiss OX-5, Hispano-Suiza and Wright Whirlwind.
A 1926 two place Air King was enteredin the 1927 New York-Spokane Race. It was disabled when the tailskid broke on take-off and was dismantled, with its motor going to the Air King Mono-4.
A three-four place Air King was offered in 1926 (ATC 29). Designed by Orville Hickman, the price was $2,385.
The 1927 two place Air King was a larger, boxy "big brother". About four were built, the first of which was Dole Race entry City of Peoria (NX3070, piloted by Charles Parkhurst). It was disqualified because of insufficient fuel tanks.
The 1928 three place Air King (ATC 29) was priced at $2,095-2,295 and 23 were built.
Air King
Engine: Curtiss OX-5, 90hp
Wingspan: (upper) 33'0" (lower) 34'1"
Length: 26'0"
Useful load: 850 lb
Max speed: 98 mph
Cruise speed: 84 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Range: 380 mi
Seats: 3-4
Air King
Engine: Wright J-5, 220hp
Wingspan: 38'0
Seats: 2
about 4built
Air King
ATC 29
Engine: Curtiss OX-5, 90hp
Wingspan: 34'1"
Length: 25'5"
Useful load: 775 lb
Max speed: 99 mph
Cruise speed: 85 mph
Stall: 35 mph
Range: 395 mi
Price: $2,095-2,295
Seats: 3
No built: 23