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QSRA - A Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft built under contract to the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration by Boeing. Following a short flight-test period at Boeing, the plane was deliv-ered to NASA Ames in California to continue the design flight test programme. The advanced research vehicle is actually a remanufactured twin-engined C-8A Buffalo built originally by de Havilland Canada and owned for several years by NASA, Boeing created an all-new wing incorporating boundary layer control, four Lycoming turbofans which exhaust over the upper surfaces of the wings and new engine nacelles and cross-ducting, Coanda flaps, a new but similar tail and installed new instrumentation.

Objective of the QSRA is to build an experimental flight research aircraft aimed at developing the technology for quiet short-haul commercial airliners of the future with short takeoff and land-ing capabilities. Another purpose is to explore the operating procedures of such an airplane in the airport terminal environment.



The QSRA has four engines of 7500 pounds thrust each mounted above the wing and exhausting over the wing. This arrangement provides “upper surface blowing” much like the Boeing YC-14 military prototypes. In union with the specially designed wing and flap system, extremely high lift is gener-ated with very low noise.

Engines: 4 x Lycoming turbofan


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