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Nakajima NAF-2


With the destruction of the NAF-1 shipboard two-seat fighter prototype in April 1933, Kiyoshi Akegawa began design of a further two-seater to meet an 8-Shi requirement, the NAF-2. Of all metal construction with fabric skinning, the NAF-2 was powered by a 580 hp Nakajiina Kotobuki 2 nine-cylinder radial and was a single-bay staggered biplane with pronounced sweepback on the upper wing. Armament comprised three 7,7-mm guns, two fixed and one on a flexible mount, and the first of two prototypes was completed in March 1934, these differing in that the first had N-type interplane struts and the second had aerofoil-section I-type struts. Although the NAF-2 met Imperial Navy requirements, a change in policy led to the abandonment of the two-seat fighter concept, and both prototypes were sold to the Asahi Press.

Engine: Nakajiina Kotobuki 2, 580 hp
Max speed, 186 mph (300 km/h)
Time to 9,845 ft (3 000 m), 9.66 min
Endurance, 4.5 hrs
Empty weight, 2,718 lb (1 233 kg)
Loaded weight, 3,770 lb (1 710 kg)
Span, 33 ft 9.5 in (10,30 m)
Length, 23 ft 9.8 in (7,26 m)
Height, 9 ft 4.2 in (2,85 m)
Wing area, 283.64 sq ft (26,35 sq.m)



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