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Nakajima 18-Shi / G8N Renzan


Developed as the Experimental 18-Shi Heavy Bomber Renzan (Nakajima G8N1), this was a very advanced long-range bomber powered by four 1491kW Nakajima Homare 24 radials which gave it a maximum speed of 592km/h at 8000m. Maximum range was 7465km. Armament consisted of six 20mm cannon in twin power-operated dorsal, ventral and tail turrets, two 13mm machine-guns in a power-operated nose turret, and single machine-guns of similar calibre in port and starboard beam positions. A maximum bombload of 4000kg could be carried over short ranges.

Four prototypes were built up to June 1945, but the proposed production programme was disrupted by Allied bombing and was abandoned when the navy's role became defensive rather than offensive. These prototypes were allocated the Allied codename 'Rita'.

Engine: 4 x Nakajima NK9K-L "Homare-24", 1500kW
Wingspan: 32.54 m / 106 ft 9 in
Length: 22.94 m / 75 ft 3 in
Height: 7.2 m / 23 ft 7 in
Wing area: 112 sq.m / 1205.56 sq ft
Max take-off weight: 26800-32150 kg / 59084 - 70879 lb
Empty weight: 17400 kg / 38361 lb
Max. speed: 590 km/h / 367 mph
Cruise speed: 390 km/h / 242 mph
Ceiling: 10200 m / 33450 ft
Range: 4000 km / 2486 miles
Range w/max.fuel: 7500 km / 4660 miles
Armament: 6 x 20mm cannons, 4 x 12.7mm machine-guns, 1000-4000kg of bombs


Nakajima G8N Renzan / RITA



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