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Nakajima E2N
Itoh Emi 53




Built between 1927 and 1929, this two-seat twin-float sesquiplane was powered by a 224kW Hispano-Suiza engine and could attain a maximum speed of 166km/h. It was intended for shipboard reconnaissance and served with the Japanese navy as the Type 15 Reconnaissance Floatplane (Nakajima E2N1 and E2N2).

A total of 80 was built, many being relegated to training or sold to civil users during the 1930s.
Two machines were bought at the outset for civil fishery patrol duties. Converted by Itoh as the Itoh Emi 53, the Navy Type 15 conversions were completed in 1938, intended for use in fishery spotting.


Engine: 1 x Hispano-Suiza, 224kW
Max. speed: 166 km/h / 103 mph
Crew: 2


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