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Mosca-Bystritsky MB / Mosca-B bis

Mosca MB bis

First original design was the Mosca MB, first flown in July 1915, a single-seat high-wing monoplane fighter evolved from the Morane J. During the course of 1916, the MB Mosca-Bystritsky (Moskva-MB) developed a single-seat fighter derivative of its two-seat reconnaissance monoplane. Appreciably smaller and more powerful than the two-seater, the Mosca-B bis fighter retained such features as wing warping for lateral control and detachable flying surfaces permitting the aircraft to be towed along roads. Powered by either an 80 hp Le Rhône or Clerget rotary engine, the Mosca-B bis was delivered both with a 7,7-mm unsynchronised forward-firing machine gun with pro-peller-mounted steel bullet deflectors and with a similar weapon mounted above the cockpit and firing clear of the propeller disc. A total of 50 Mosca-B bis fighters had been built up to 1918, and a few additional aircraft of this type were reportedly built after the revolution.

Max speed, 81 mph (130 km/h)
Time to 3,280 ft (1000 m), 35 min
Empty weight, 710 lb (322 kg)
Loaded weight, 1,074 lb (487 kg)
Span, 25 ft 11 in (7,90 m)
Length, 20 ft 1/8 in (6,10 m)
Wing area, 12917 sq ft (12,00 sq.m)




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