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Morane-Saulnier MS 450
Dornier-Werke D-3802A


On 27 January 1937, a new requirement was issued by the Service Technique Aéronautique and one of the fighters designed to conform with its requirements was the MS 450. Featuring a dural monocoque fuselage and Plymax-skinned metal wings, the MS 450 was powered by an Hispano-Suiza 12Y51 engine affording 1,050 hp for take-off and carried an armament of one 20-mm engine-mounted cannon and two wing-mounted 7,5-mm machine guns. The first of three prototypes of the MS 450 was flown on 14 April 1939, but a month earlier, an initial production order had been placed for the competitive Dewoitine D 520, and although the MS 450 test programme was continued the second prototype being completed in November 1939 its failure to display any marked advantage prevented the placing of a production order for the Armée de l’Air. Development of the basic design was continued, however, culminating in the MS 540 which was built in Switzerland by the Dornier-Werke AG (Doflug) as the D-3802A.



Engine: Hispano-Suiza 12Y51, 1,050 hp
Span, 34 ft 9 5/8 in (10,62 m)
Length, 28 ft 11¼ in (8,82 m)
Height, 9 ft ¼ in (2,75 m)
Wing area, 184.07 sq ft (17,10 sq.m)
Max speed, 348 mph (560 km/h) at 16,405 ft (5 000 m)
Range, 466 mls (750 km)
Loaded weight, 5,813 lb (2 637 kg)


Morane-Saulnier M.S.450



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