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Morane-Saulnier P (MoS 21)


During the summer of 1916, Morane-Saulnier produced two different single-seat fighter versions of the Type P reconnaissance two-seat parasol monoplane. Both were powered by the 110 hp Le Rhóne 9J nine-cylinder rotary, but whereas the first single-seater was a simple conversion retaining the forward cockpit of the two-seater and carrying a single synchronised 7,7-mm Vickers gun, the second version featured a lower-mounted wing, an armament of twin synchronised 7,7-mm guns and an aft-positioned cockpit. Allegedly the first Allied twin-gun fighter, the latter was 183 lb (83 kg) heavier than the former in loaded condition and 56 mph (9 km/h) slower at sea level, recorded performance figures proving inferior to those of the two-seat Type P. Two prototypes of the initial version and at least one prototype of the two-gun version were evaluated by the Aviation Militaire, but neither was adopted for series production and the single-seat Type P was officially abandoned in December 1916.

Max speed, 102 mph (165 km/h) at sea level
Time to 3,280 ft (1 000 m), 3.35 min
Span, 28 ft 74 in (8.75 m)
Length, l9ft l in(5,8l m)

two-gun version
Max speed, 97 mph (156 km/h) at sea level
Time to 6,560 ft (2 000 m), 8.67 min
Endurance, 2.5 hrs
Empty weight, 955 lb (433 kg)
Loaded weight, 1,528 lb (693 kg)
Span, 36 ft 9 in (11,20 m)
Length, 23 ft 7½ in (7,20 m)
Height, 10 ft 8¾ in (3,27 m)



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