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Morane-Saulnier G


The appellation Type G was something of a generic designation in that several very different Morane-Saulnier designs were known as such, the last of these being a single-seat fighter designed in the summer of 1915 and built after the initial production batch of Type N aircraft for the Aviation Militaire. A refined development of the basic Type G of 1912, but featuring a fully-faired fuselage and powered by an 80 hp Le Rhóne 9C, the Type G fighter had a centrally-mounted 8-mm Hotchkiss machine gun with standard bullet deflectors on the propeller. Possessing a general resemblance to the Type N, the Type G fighter’s raison d’être has gone unrecorded, but it is improbable that more than one or two examples were built as no production contract was placed on behalf of the Aviation Militaire.

Span, 29 ft 11 in (9,12 m)
Length, 21 ft 8 2/3 in (6,62 m)
Height, 8 ft 4 in (2,54 m)

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