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Mooney M.18 Mite



The all-wood single-seat Mooney "Mite" appeared in 1948. Low cost was a prime consideration ' and the initial powerplant was a 25-hp water-cooled Crosley automobile engine. Good performance with such low power was achieved by careful attention to design detail, including a high-aspect-ratio wing, enclosed cockpit, flaps and a retractable tricycle landing gear. The Mite is built with a combination of steel-tube, wood and fabric materials.

Crosley made the engine, but Mooney had to modify it as the Mooney CC46M-2 to get CAA certification. The little four-cylinder was basically the same as the one in the Crosley automobile, con-nected by four belts to the propeller shaft. The engine developed 25 hp at 3,900 rpm, which meant that a two-to--one reduction was necessary in the belt drive to keep the wooden propeller turning within some reasonable limit. The engines were intended to be re-placed every 250 hours


The Crosley wouldn't quite do the job, however, and the airplane was quickly adapted without structural change to the 65-hp Lycoming O-145 engine. When that engine went out of production, a change was made to the 65-hp Continental A.65 (O-170). The ATC'd  M-18 Mite single-seat light aircraft with Crosley engine; became M-18 Wee Scotsman with 65-hp Lycoming engine.

The "Mite" went out of production in 1952, after 284 were sold even at $2,250 less engine. Mooney had by that time enlarged the basic design to a four-seater and gone after a much more lucrative market.




Engine: 25-hp Crosley / Mooney CC46M-2
Wingspan 26’l0”
Length 17’8”
Gross Wt. 780 lb
Empty Wt. 500 lb
Fuel capacity 11-17 USG
Top mph 143
Cruise 130 mph
Stall 43 mph
Takeoff run 300 ft
Landing roll 275 ft
Range 600 miles

M-18C Wee Scotsman

Engine: 65-hp Lycoming O-145



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