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Monsted-Vincent MV-1 Starflight



The 1949 Monsted-Vincent Starflight featured four 85-horsepower Continental C85s driving two-position pusher props. It had room for a pilot, four passengers. Gross weight was 5,000 pounds with a 130-knot cruise and 1,050-nautical-mile range. It was built in New Orleans.
The all-aluminum Monsted–Vincent MV-1 Starflight pusher airplane was the only four-engined aircraft ever to be built in Louisiana. It was to be an executive/business aircraft, designed by former Lockheed designer Art Turner “to give businessmen the same dependability and flying range that airlines give to their passengers.”
The only Starflight flew for the first time in October 1948. Despite having four engines, the Starflight could only carry 5 passengers and the pilot. It had a range of 1,200 miles at 145 mph, making it a terrible aircraft for businessmen who are looking for speedy travel.
The only copy ended up at the Wedell Williams Memorial Aviation Museum in Patterson, Louisiana, USA, where, in 1992, it was heavily damaged by Hurricane Andrew. The wreck was moved to a storage hangar, where in 2005, it was destroyed by Hurricane Rita.





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