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Mitsubishi Ki-83


Intended to meet a requirement formulated in 1943 for an advanced two-seat long-range escort fighter. the Ki-83 was designed by a team headed by Totnio Kubo, who had previously been responsible for the Ki-46.

Aerodynamically exceptionally clean and powered by two turbo-supercharged Mitsubishi Ha-211ru 18-cylinder radials, the Ki-83 possessed an armament of two 20-mm and two 30-mm cannon.

The first of four prototypes was flown on 18 November 1944, demonstrating spectacular performance and remarkable maneuverability for its size - a 2,200-ft (670-rn) diameter loop being executed at 403 mph (648 km/h) at 9,500 ft (2900 m) within 31 sec. However, definitive plans for the series manufacture of the Ki-83 were still being finalised when hostilities terminated.

Engines: 2 x 2200hp / 1650kW Mitsubishi Ha-211-Ru
Span, 50 ft l0¼ in (l5,50m)
Length.41 ft /8 in (l2.50m)
Height, 15 ft 1¼ in (4,60 m)
Wing area, 360.8 sq ft (33.52 sq.m)
Empty weight. 13,184 lb (5 980 kg)
Normal loaded weight, 19,390 lb (8 795 kg)
Max speed. 438 mph (704 km/h) at 32,810 ft (10 000 m)
Cruise speed: 450kph / 280 mph
Normal range w/max.payload. 1,213 mls (1953 km)
Range w/max.fuel: 2175km / 1352 miles
Ceiling: 12660m / 41,550 ft
Time to 32,810 ft (10 000 m), 105 min
Crew: 1-2
Armament: 2 x 30mm cannon, 2 x 20mm cannon, 2 x 50-kg bombs


Mitsubishi Ki-83




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