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Mitsubishi 2MB1 / Type 87


Mitsubishi submitted the experimental 2MB2 Washi two-seat light bomber biplane designed by Alexander Baumann in 1925. This was rejected for production, the Imperial Army preferring Herbert Smith's more conventional 2MB1, a large two-seat biplane with wide-track divided landing gear.

This entered service in 1927 as the Army Type 87 Light Bomber, 48 being built, and each was powered by a 336kW Hispano-Suiza engine. Armament comprised one fixed forward-firing 7.7mm machine-gun, twin guns of the same calibre on a ring mounting for the observer, and provision for a fourth gun firing through a ventral trap; maximum bomb load was 500kg.

2MB1 / Army Type 87
Engine: 336kW Hispano-Suiza
Wing span: 14.80m / 48 ft 7 in
Maximum take-off weight: 3300kg / 7275 lb
Maximum speed: 185km/h / 115 mph
Armament: 3-4 x 7.7mm machine-gun
Maximum bomb load: 500kg




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