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Miller JM-2




Designed by J.W. Miller, the JM-2 takes a different approach to Formula One racing. Both the engine and main wings are set aft of the pilot’s enclosed cockpit. The Continental O-200A drives a pusher prop with its spinner taking the place of the tailcone. The two sections of the vertical propeller shroud act as the vertical stabilizer, and the elevators are placed in T-tail fashion. The wings are covered with honeycomb material reinforced by fiberglass and resin. The fuselage is constructed of a welded steel tube load bearing structure encased in four fiberglass panels.
The nose gear was both steerable and retractable



Miller-Bohannon JM-2 Pushy Galore

Gross Wt. 1100 lb
Empty Wt. 630 lb
Fuel capacity 12 USG
Wingspan 15 ft
Length 19 ft
Engine 100-hp Continental O-200
Prop: 4-blade
Top speed 235 mph
Cruise 190 mph
Stall 70 mph
Climb rate 1600 fpm
Takeoff run 1500 ft
Landing roll 2000 ft
Range 300 nm



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