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Miles M.57 Aerovan


One unusual design was the Miles M.57 Aerovan, a twin-engine light freighter which flew first in January 1945. The wings and tail unit were similar to those of the Messenger, but larger, while the fuselage was of pod and boom layout.

A number of UK and overseas orders were placed and the Aerovan entered production with a longer pod than the prototype, which was designated Aerovan Mk I, and the second prototype the Aerovan Mk II.


The first Aerovan Mk III production model was similar to the Mk II, and seven were built with 112kW Blackburn Cirrus Major III engines, the standard Aerovan powerplant. The next version, the Aerovan Mk IV, differed in detail and 40 were built. One Aerovan Mk V with 108kW de Havilland Gipsy Major 10 engines and two Aerovan Mk VI aircraft with 145kW Avco Lycoming O-435-4A engines were built; one of the latter was fitted with an experimental Hurel-Dubois high aspect ratio wing in 1957 when it became known as the HDM.105. The last known surviving Aerovan was the first Mk VI, operating in Italy in 1968, although a pair of uncompleted airframes were around for some years.


The only military operators of the type were the Israeli Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force.



Hurel-Dubois HDM.105

Aerovan IV
Engines 2 x 155 h.p Blackburn Cirrus Major III 155hp
Length 36 ft 0 in / 10.97 m
Wing span 50 ft 0 in / 15.24 m
Height: 13 ft 6 in
Weight empty 3,410 lb / 1,546 kg
MAUW: 5800 lb
Max speed: 127 mph @ SL
Max cruise: 110 mph / 180 kph
Ceiling 13,000 ft / 4,000 km fully loaded
Range 450 miles / 720 km
Pax cap: 8 / or 2,000 lb / 900 kg freight
Crew: 2


Miles M.57 Aerovan



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