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Miles M.14 Magister / Hawk Trainer 3
THK THK- Miles Magister 14


Magister Mk.I

The Miles M.14 Magister originated in 1937 as the ultimate development of the Hawk Major, to meet Air Ministry specification T.40/36 for a basic trainer. The Magister was a two-seat primary-training monoplane based on the Hawk Trainer. Power was provided normally by a 97kW de Havilland Gipsy Major engine, although a 100kW Blackburn Cirrus Major was also fitted.

The M14 entered RAF service in 1937 and while in production it was the only monoplane in Great Britain to be approved by the Air Ministry for ab initio instruction of RAF pilots and was used by RAF training establishments in England and overseas.

In civil guise it was named Hawk Trainer Mk III, and this identity was also applied to Magisters civilianised post-war but with an Arabic 3.

A total of 1,293 was built between 1937 and 1941.




As the Turkish Government was badly in distress because of the world-political situation, it was decided that aircraft under license should be manufactured, with the help of the experienced foreign designers. As a result a new aircraft plant was built at Etimesgut near Ankara in 1941. At first the Miles Magister 14A Mk.I primary training aircraft was manufactured under license.
THK - Miles Magister 14A Mk.I (c/n 77), displayed at the aviation museum at Yesilköy/Istanbul.
During 1942-1943, 84 Magister were license built under the Turkish Aeronautical Association as THK- Miles Magister 14, then serving with the Turkish Air Force.
In 1946, as a result of a request from the Turkish Ministry of Hygiene, THK produced a special variant of the Magister for spraying DDT to combat malaria. This had the front seat faired over and was fitted with an atomiser and pulverisers, and a tank containing insecticide, which was pumped through a long pipe under the fuselage.
THK Miles Magister adapted for spraying DDT




M 14 Magister
Engine: 1 x de Havilland Gipsy Major I, 97kW / 128 hp
Max take-off weight: 836 kg / 1843 lb
Empty weight: 571 kg / 1259 lb
Wingspan: 10.3 m / 33 ft 10 in
Length: 7.5 m / 24 ft 7 in
Height: 2 m / 6 ft 7 in
Wing area: 16.3 sq.m / 175.45 sq ft
Max. speed: 228 km/h / 142 mph
Cruise speed: 107 kts / 200 km/h / 124 mph
Service ceiling: 5480 m / 18000 ft
Range: 330 nm / 612 km / 380 miles
Crew: 2



THK- Miles Magister 14
Engine: de Havilland Gipsy Major I, 130 hp / 97 kW
Wingspan: 10,31 m
Height: 2.77 m
Wing area: 16.3 sq.m
Empty weight: 570 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 845 kg
Maximum speed: 212 kph
Range: 610 km and
Service ceiling: 5500 m




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