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Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-150

For high speed development purposes and as a test bed for a 15-tonne engine that was being developed by the Tumansky bureau with a view to powering a proposed Mach=3.0 high-altitude interceptor (which was to materialise as the MiG-25), the MiG OKB developed what was ostensibly a pure research aircraft, the Ye-150. Powered by a Tumansky R-15-300 engine of 6840kg boosted to 10150kg with afterburning, the Ye-150 flew for the first time on 8 July 1960, and was subsequently to attain a speed of Mach=2.65 or 2816 km/h and a ceiling of 22500m. Design of an all-weather high-altitude interceptor based on the research aircraft had paralleled work on the Ye-150, the Ye-152A.

The Ye-150 family of high-speed research aircraft introduced features such as stainless steel and titanium into the airframe to withstand the heat at speeds of more than 1491 mph (2400 km/h).



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