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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23PD / MiG-23-01


One of two parallel studies to meet a VVS requirement for a new frontal fighter capable of operating from small, austerely-equipped forward bases, the MiG-23PD - Pod'yomnye dvigateli, or, literally, "lifting engines" - or 23-01 was first flown on 3 April 1967. Featuring a 57° delta wing planform fundamentally similar to that of the MiG-21 but scaled up 73.6%, the MiG-23PD alias 23-01 featured auxiliary lift engines close to the CG. Two 2350kg Kolesov RD-36-35 engines were accommodated by a bay inserted in the centre fuselage and provided with a rear-hinged and louvred dorsal trap-type intake box and a ventral grid of transverse louvres deflecting the jet thrust during accelerating transition. A similar arrangement had been tested by the OKB in the previous year with the MiG-21PD test bed, which, with a 90cm fuselage lengthening aft of the cockpit and two RD-36-35 lift engines, had entered flight test on 16 June 1966. The primary power plant of the MiG-23PD was a Khachaturov R-27-300 of 5200kg and 7800kg with afterburning, and air was bled from the last compressor stage for flap blowing, the combination of lift engines and blown flaps reducing take-off distance to 180- 200m. Armament consisted of one 23mm GSh-23 cannon and two AAMs - one radar-guided K-23R and one IR-homing K-23T. Flight test continued until the autumn of 1967 when further development was discontinued in favour of the parallel MiG-23-11.

Engine: 1 x Khachaturov R-27-300, 5200kg - 7800kg with afterburning
Max take-off weight: 18500 kg / 40786 lb
Wingspan: 7.72 m / 25 ft 4 in
Length: 16.80 m / 55 ft 1 in
Height: 5.15 m / 16 ft 11 in
Wing area: 40.00 sq.m / 430.56 sq ft


Mikoyan/Gurevich MiG-23PD



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