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Mikoyan-Gurevich I-350


As the MiG OKB’s Izdeliye M contribution to a 1950 programme to develop a single-seat fighter powered by a single Lyulka TR-3A single-shaft turbojet which was to be committed to production as the AL-5, and capable of attaining and maintaining a speed in excess of M = l.0 in level flight, the 1-350 was flown on 16 May 1951.

Characterised by 60° wing sweepback, T-tail, and assigned the official designation I-350, one prototype was built, the M-1 with RP-1 Izumrud AI radar, a second, the M-2 with Korshun AI radar, being abandoned before completion. Armament comprised one 37mm N-37 and two 23mm NR-23 cannon.

The M-1 was flown for the first time on 16 June 1951, but the TR-3A turbojet, which was rated at 4600kg, failed shortly after take-off. The hydraulic system also failed, but the pilot nonetheless effected a successful landing.

The Lyulka- engined prototype was, in consequence, rebuilt with a paired Mikulin AM-5 engine installation similar to the I-360 (SM-2). The destruction of the latter under test led to a delay in the resumption of flight testing of the I-350 pending redesign of the tail assembly transferring the horizontal surfaces to the fuselage. With this change and AM-5 engines, the prototype commenced test on 18 September 1953 as the 1-350(M), but lack of afterburning prevented M = 1.0 being exceeded in level flight.

Four further flight tests were performed, but engine difficulties persisted, and, as it was obvious that the Lyulka turbojet demanded considerable further development, the I-350 programme was terminated in August 1951.

I-350 (estimated)
Max take-off weight: 8710 kg / 19202 lb
Empty weight: 6125 kg / 13503 lb
Wingspan: 9.73 m / 31 ft 11 in
Length: 16.65 m / 54 ft 8 in
Wing area: 36.00 sq.m / 387.50 sq ft
Max. speed: 1266 km/h / 787 mph
Range: 1120 km / 696 miles


Mikoyan/Gurevich I-350




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