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Mikoyan-Gurevich I-340 (SM-1)

In the early 1950s, the MiG OKB was engaged in the simultaneous development of MiG-17 de-rivatives and potential successors to the M1G-17. A derivative was the SM-1, or 1-340, which mated the forward fuselage, wings and tail surfaces of the MiG-17 with a new centre and rear fuselage accommodating paired 4,850 lb st (2 200 kgp) Mikulin AM-S single-shaft turbojets. Trials with the SM-1, which apparently commenced at the beginning of 1952, were largely concerned with the engine installation as similarly paired AM-5s had meanwhile been selected to power a more advanced fighter, the 1-360. In consequence, the SM-1 did not progress beyond prototype status. Earlier, in 1951, another MiG-17 airframe had been fitted with a Lyulka TR-3 axial-flow turbojet of 10,140 lb st (4600 kgp) as the S1-16, this serving as a test-bed for the I-350, and in 1953, yet a further MiG-17 airframe, the SR-2, was to be fitted with a Kliinov VK-5F centrifugal-flow turbojet of 6,834 lb st (3100 kgp), this being the ultimate Soviet development of the Rolls-Royce Nene. No performance data or weights are available for the SM-1, and overall dimensions were similar to those of the MiG-17F apart from a length of 36 ft 11 in (11,25 m) and a height of 12 ft 7.9 in (3,86 m).

Max speed: 1193kph at 1000m / 1154kph at 5000m
Time to 5000m: 0.94 min

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