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Mikoyan-Gurevich I-221

Late in 1942, work was well advanced at the MiG bureau on several aircraft in parallel and referred to as Series "A" prototypes, with which the OKB hoped to fulfil a VP (vysotny perekhvatchik, or high-altitude interceptor) requirement raised earlier in the year.

The second Series "A" high-altitude fighter and referred to as the 2A, the I-221 was the first of the OKB's fighter prototypes to be fitted with turbo-superchargers. The I-221 was fitted with an AM-39A engine rated at 1700hp for take-off and equipped with a centrifugal compressor and paired TsIAM-developed TK-2B turbo-superchargers which, it was anticipated, would permit maximum power to be maintained to an altitude of 13000m. Although adhering closely in most other respects to the preceding I-220, the I-221 had a rear fuselage of dural construction rather than a wooden monocoque, and the outer wing panels were extended, increasing span by a total of 2.00m. Armament consisted of two synchronised 20mm cannon. The initial flight test took place on 2 December 1943, but the programme came to an abrupt end when, during one of the prototype's early trials, a piston rod fractured, the engine seized and the aircraft crashed.



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