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Microjet 200

The aim of the Microjet 200 program was to offer economies in military pilot training by use of very small high-performance jet aircraft with comparatively low initial and operating costs.
A team was employed by Société Microturbo to developed this aircraft. The team included Jacques Grangette who was both leader of the team and in charge of development, Claude Fimbel, who conducted the study work and Jules Bernard, in charge of fabrication. Wind tunnel testing was executed at CEAT, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Lille (IMFL) for spin, and ONERA for flutter analysis.
Microjet was founded to develop and assemble Microjet 200 B two-seat very light trainer powered by two Microturbo turbojet engines (first flown 1980). Many components built by Marmande Aeronautique, later building complete pre-production aircraft.
The Microjet 200 is a side-by-side two-seater, initialy powered by two Microturbo TRS18-046, each rated at 1.08 kN (243 lb st.).
The Microjet 200 made its first flight from Toulouse-Blagnac on 24 June 1980. The aircraft flew for 40 minutes without problem, at an altitude of 1000 metres and a speed of 220 km/hr. Jacques Grangette was at the controls.
Propotype # 1 - FWZJF
Built entirely of wood. Only a few parts require special forming were made ​​out of resin.
It still exists, and is kept in reserve a hangar flying club Marmande.
Wingspan: 7.38 m
Length: 6.05 m
Height: 1.80 m
Wing area: 6.12 m²
Emptyweight: 600 kg
Max weight 930/1050 kg
Stall: 118 Km / h
Max cruise: 463 km / h
Microjet 200b - N ° 01
F- WDMT, it was the first copy of pre-series, any metal . This aircraft was damaged by Wed, March 13th, 1985 in the Bay of Saint- Brieuc, killing its pilot Domnique Monguillot.
A trawler at the time had recovered some pieces of the plane 's body. Dominique has never been found.
Microjet 200b - No. 02
F- WDMX, Second pre-series made ​​its first flight January 5, 1985. Built by Marmande Aerospace. It was characterized by the presence of hardpoint on the wings for the carriage of weapons.
Microjet 200b - N ° 03
F- WDMT, Third pre-series aircraft, which carred the registration of the first 200b. Made ​​its first flight Nov. 4, 1986. This unit was also built by Marmande Aerospace.

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