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Micro Aviation B-10 Bantam


The MICRO Aviation (NZ) B-10 Bantam became the first New Zealand designed microlight to receive full CAD type approval following successful flight trials at Te Kowhai. Production facilities at Te Kowhai were set up in 1984 to manufacture the first ten Bantams (all pre-sold) and since the type approval further Bantams have been built.
Designed by John Smith and Max Clear, and based on the Phantom ultralight, the B-10 first flew, piloted by Keith Trillo, on 16 November 1983. A further 12 B-10 Bantams followed, more or less identical apart from paint schemes and fin and rudder configuration. All performed well - so well in fact that the owner of the last B-10 built borrowed the plans and another two came into being in the Cambridge district at the hands of the Williams brothers.
The B-10, too heavy for Class 1 microlight operation, was refined into the lighter B-20 with a new wing and tailplane section, less drag and a lighter engine. Production ended when superseded by the B-20 Bantam. Conventional 3-axis controls.

Engine: Rotax 503, 50 hp.
Wing span: 28 ft 6 in (8.69m).
Wing Area: 146.459sq.ft.
Length: 17 ft (5.15m).
Empty wt: 127 kg.
MAUW: 250 kg.
Maximum Design Load Factors: +9G, -6G.
Maximum Level Speed: 54 knots
Maximum Cruising Speed: 50 knots
Economical Cruise: 40 knots
Stalling Speed: 21 knots
Vne: 70 knots
Maximum Rate Of Climb: 550fpm
Range: 200 nautical miles.

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