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Miami Aircraft MM-200 Miami Maid / MM-201 Miami Maid 

The five-seat amphibian monoplane MM-200 Miami Maid appeared in 1928 or 1929 with a 230 hp Menasco-Salmson B-2 radial engine pusher mounted on top of the wing, and registered NC619. The design combined an all-wood Fokker cantilevered wing with the wooden hull of a Curtiss F boat.
A second aircraft, the MM-201 registered NC178N, was modified in 1930 for installation of a 300 hp Wright R-975 Whirlwind engine.
Engine: Menasco-Salmson B-2, 230 hp
Wingspan: 44 ft
Length: 33 ft
Useful load: 1250 lb
Top speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Range at cruise: 500 mi

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