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Mead 100 Adventure


The Model 100 Adventure’s simplicity of operation is equaled only by its simplicity in construction. A modern, high performance, sandwich composite structure was used throughout. The materials and working techniques are descendants of Rutans VariEze technology. The Adventure has a combination of high speed cruise, low stall speeds and good climb performance.

The general configuration is a single-seat, low mid-wing tractor monoplane with fixed tricycle landing gear that may be powered by any of the Continental Motors A or C series engines of 65 to 85 hp driving a fixed-pitch wooden propeller. The wing is a two-piece assembly to minimize the space required to build and to facilitate its removal from the fuselage. The fuselage is built from flat sheets of half-inch-thick polystyrene foam and constructed from the inside out. The canopy is a single-piece, free-blown unit.

Aileron rolls and one turn spins are the only aerobatics that the Adventure has performed. It is intended to be a utility category aircraft with lots of structural beef and a conservative repertoire of aerobatic maneuvers.

Engine 65 to 100-hp Continen-tal
Gross Wt. 800 lb
Empty Wt. 460 lb
Fuel capacity 20 USG
Wingspan 20’
Length 13’
Wing area: 40 sq.ft
Top speed 188 mph
Cruise 180 mph
Stall mph 57
Climb rate 1600 fpm
Takeoff run 800 ft
Landing roll 700 ft
Range 650 miles
Seats: 1.



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