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McNair Mynah II


Wallace and Robert McNair started the Mynah II design in September 1988, intended right from the start for series production, a two-seater at the top end of the microlight performance range. The fuselage is a one-piece moulded fibreglass unit, with integral vertical fin and bottom wing fairings. Moulded in at construction time are wooden longerons, to which the engine mount is bolted at the firewall, and strength is added by the compound curves everywhere, the only straight surface being on the bottom between the wings. Bulkheads are located around the cockpits and form the structural unit on which the wings, struts, wires and fibreglass landing gear legs are mounted. The wings, of Clark Y aerofoil, have aluminium spars, pressed aluminium ribs and Mylar covering, laced along the leading edge and each end, with the lacing covered by tips and leading edges, applied after covering. They have marked forward stagger, the bottom wing rear spar passing behind the rear seat and the top wings with a large amount of sweepback to keep the centre section well forward, clear of the front cockpit. Fuel tanks with a total capacity of 50 litres are incorporated in the inboard ends of the bottom wing leading edges. Everything is designed around the 390 kg microlight category and standard 4G loading. Empty weight is 170 kg, allowing a payload total of 220 kg, plenty for two occupants, full fuel and a bit more. The Mynah II has a safe endurance of two and a half hours. Motive power is a two-cylinder horizontally opposed two-stroke Arrow engine from Italy, pulling 65 hp at 6800 rpm, with the three-blade carbon-fibre propeller of 66 in diameter geared down at 2.77/1.



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