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McGowan & Goguillot SE-5a


Dan McGowan and "Gogi" Goguillot of Yarrow, B.C., Canada, designed this 7/8 scale replica of the famous World War 1 British Fighter built by the Royal Aircraft Factory. While changes had to be made to accommodate a full size pilot, and an alternate engine chosen when designing the scaled down version as an amateur built sport plane, the replica does resemble the original. It is represented as a much modified, scaled down sport plane, and not a true replica of the original fighter.
Use of a modern 4 cylinder 85 hp Continental engine required a cowling to simulate the original water cooled 200 hp geared Hispano engine, but provides a practical solution for every day operation.
This airplane was built by Dan McGowan at Richmond, B.C. and was flown regularly since its construction in 1970, and was a regular participant in homebuilt flypasts at airshows. Donated to the Canadian Museum of Flight by Dr. Fred Hemming of Vancouver in 1983.
This aircraft was returned to flying condition by the Canadian Museum of Flight and since 1997 once again participated in airshows.

Serial 002, CF-QGL
Engine: Continental C-85, 85 hp
Cruise speed: 90 mph (145 km/h)
Empty weight: 790 lb (358 kg)
Loaded weight: 1,100 lb (499 kg)
Span: 22 ft 10 in (6.9 m)
Length: 14 ft 4 in (4.3 m)
Height: 7 ft 2 in (2.2 m)

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