Mahe Pfadfinder


Single-seat single-engined high-wing monoplane with two-axis control. Wing has unswept leading edge, swept forward trailing edge, and tapering chord; conventional tail. Pitch control by fully flying tail; yaw control by fully flying rudder; no separate roll control; control inputs through stick for pitch/yaw. Wing braced from above by kingpost and cables, from below by cables; wing profile single-surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tail-dragger formation, with suspension on tailwheel and steel-spring suspension on main wheels. No ground steering. An aluminium-tube framework, without pod. Engine mounted below wing driving tractor propeller.

The Pfadfinder is in fact a version of the Australian Scout built under licence in West Germany by Mahe.



The Pfadfinder uses a noticeably different wing from the original Scout and is fitted with the Konig SC430 engine. Used at 4400 rpm, this gives 27 hp with a three-blade ground-adjustable propeller. Options include floats, instruments, and a document and map case.

Length overall 17.1 ft, 5.22 m.
Height overall 6.9 ft, 2.09 m.
Wing span 28.4 ft, 8.67 m.
Chord at root 5.7ft, 1.75m.
Chord at tip 1.3 ft, 0.41 m.
Sweepback: 0 degs.
Tailplane span 10.7ft, 3.25m.
Fin height 4.9 ft, 1.50m.
Total wing area 125 sq.ft, 11.6 sq.m.
Rudder area 8.3 sq.ft, 0.77 sq.m.
Total elevator area 17.0 sq.ft, 1.58 sq.m.
Wing aspect ratio 6.5/1.
Wheel track 4.8 ft, 1.47 m.
Wheelbase 12.5 ft, 3.78 m.
Tailwheel diameter overall 11 inch, 27 cm.
Main wheels diameter overall 11 inch, 27 cm.
Engine: Konig SC430, 27 hp at 4400 rpm.
Propeller diameter 51 inch, 1.30 m.
Belt reduction, ratio 1.511.
Max static thrust 155 lb, 70 kg.
Power per unit area 0.22 hp/sq.ft, 2.3 hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 2.6 US gal, 2.2 Imp gal, 10.0 litre.
Empty weight 132 lb, 60 kg.
Max take-off weight 375 lb, 170kg.
Payload 243 lb, 110kg.
Max wing loading 3.00 lb/sq.ft, 14.7 kg/sq.m.
Max power loading 13.9 lb/hp, 6.3kg/hp.
Load factors; +6.0, -NC ultimate.
Max level speed 56 mph, 90 kph.
Never exceed speed 65 mph, 105 kph.
Max cruising speed 56 mph, 90 kph.
Economic cruising speed 47mph, 75kph.
Stalling speed 28 mph, 45 kph.
Max climb rate at sea level 500 ft/min, 2.5 m/s.
Best glide ratio with power off  7/1.
Take-off distance 130 ft, 40 m.
Landing distance 82 ft, 25 m.
Range at average cruising speed 112 mile, 180 km.