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Used for reconnaissance and bombing, a small number of L.V.G.s were in the German air force at the outbreak of war in 1914. Like their British counterparts, they were unarmed and suffered heavy losses. This resulted in the much improved C.V, armed with machine-guns, which proved a formidable adversary, in spite of the pilot's exceptionally poor view forward.

Engine: One 200 h.p. Benz BxIV.
Length 26.5 ft (8.07 m.)
Wing span 42.75 ft (13.02 m.)
Weight empty 1,860 lb. (843 kg.)
Max speed: 102 m.p.h. (164 km.p.h.)
Ceiling: 16,500 ft. (5,000 m.) fully loaded
Endurance: 3.5 hours
Seats: 1 pilot and 1 observer
Armament One fixed machine-gun firing forward, one free gun

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