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Luton LA5 Major
Luton Major
Phoenix Aircraft Ltd LA5 Major


Following the pre-war success of the Luton Minor, Mr. Latimer-Needham designed the two seater Major which first flew on 4 March 1939.

Accommodation is for two per-sons seated in tandem in an enclosed cabin with a door in the starboard side. Dual controls are fitted. An 11 Imp. gallon fuel tank is fitted behind the firewall. Alternative engines include 62 h.p. Walter Mikron 11, 83 h.p. Agusta GA-70, 55 h.p. Lycoming and 85 h.p. Continental.

A hangar fire at the Phoenix Works in 1943 destroyed the single example of the LA5 Major, a two-seat cabin type, and also spelt the end for the company. C. H. Latimer-Needham founded a new company at Cranleigh, Surrey, in March 1958, appropriately named Phoenix Aircraft Ltd, which acquired the rights for the Minor and Major. Both designs were improved, the first as the LA4A Minor, and built in the UK and in several countries across the world.

The Luton Major was the only British designed two seater aircraft available to amateurs for home building.
Phoenix Aircraft Ltd. undertook the revision of the Major drawings for amateur construction and the aircraft has since been re-stressed to to permit engine power to 85 hp and gross weight to 1400 lbs and it has been restressed to British Airworthiness Requirements. The wing chord is the same as the Luton Minor and the wings fold back for ease of storage and transport.

Engine: Walter Mikron 11, 62 h.p.
Span: 35’ 2”.
Length: 23’ 9”.
Wing Area: 163 sq.ft.
Empty Weight: 600 lb.
Loaded Weight: 1100 lb.
Wing Loading: 6.7 lb/sq. ft.
Max. Speed: 105 mph.
Cruise Speed: 95 mph.
Stall Speed: 40 mph.
Initial Climb: 700 fpm.
Takeoff run 250 ft.
Landing roll 150 ft.
Range: 300 miles.
Fuel capacity 11 Imp.Gal..
Width (wings folded): 11’ 8”.
Seats: 2.



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