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Lookout Mountain Flight Park (LMFP) Freedom Machine / Skycycle


Renamed SkyCycle (formerly Freedom Machine) in 1999, This aircraft meet the FAA’s Pt.103 ultralight regulation. Most hang gliders will fit the trike.


Minus its wing, Skycycle weighs 90-95 lb empty, depending on equipment. With fuel (2.5 USG tank) and wing, it may come to 200 lb.
Equiped with a 4  point harnesss and trailing link nosewheel suspension, the wheel trails rather than leads.
The fuel tank is easily removed, and is sufficient for operation of the Zenoah G-25B engine.


Able to be folded for travel, the SkyCycle can lift off in 75 feet and climb out at 600 fpm.
In 1999 LMFP sold the SkyCycle (without wing) for US$5500, ready to fly.



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