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Loire-Nieuport LN.40 / LN.401 / LN.411


The LN.40 was evolved from the Nieuport 140 in response to a French naval requirement for a ship-borne dive-bomber, and emerged as a compact single-seater with inverted gull wings and a crutch to lever the single large bomb clear of the propeller before release. The prototype flew in June 1938, trials revealing the need for tail modifications. It was also decided to use the extended main landing gear legs as dive brakes, allowing the removal of the tail-mounted dive brakes. Some 42 LN.401 production aircraft were ordered, although only 23 or so had been delivered by the fall of France. The French Air Force also ordered 40 LN.411s, these having no arrester hook, wing-folding mechanism or flotation bags; again only about 23 had been delivered by the fall of France. After the Armistice SNCASO assembled another 24 LN.401s and LN.411s from components.

Span: 14m (45ft 11.25 in).  
Length: 9.75m (3l ft 11.75in).
Powerplant: l x Hispano-Suiza l2Xcrs, 515kW (690 hp)
Max TO weight: 2825 kg (6,228 lb).
Max speed: 236 mph at 13,125 ft.
Operational range: 746 miles.
Armament: 1 x 20-mm Hispano-Suiza cannon and two 7.5-mm (0.295-in) Darne mg plus provision for 1 x 225-kg (496-lb) bomb carried under the fuselage.





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