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Lockheed L-1649 Super Constellation / Constellation Starliner


 L.1649A Super Consetllation

Lockheed built 286 Super “Connies,” then followed with production of the L.1619 Starliner. This development of the Model 649 standard Constellation actually started in when Lockheed were attempting to meet the requirements of TWA. Modified into a military transport during the Second World War, the design was reconverted into an airliner which came at the right time to equip airlines starved of new aircraft by the war.

The Super Constellation was first introduced on transatlantic services by KLM in 1953.




With a range of 7,200 miles, the Starliner became popular on long international routes for TWA and Air France. Only 43 Starliner Constellations were built, and most of those were short lived, bowing out gracefully for the introduction of the jet age. A historical note about the Connie’s heritage: the tri-tailed airliner was the first Air Force One.

US Navy designation - Lockheed R7V-1 Super Constellation.

Lockheed Super Constellation
Engines: 4 x Wright, 3250 hp.
Wing span: 123 ft 0 in (37.49 m).
Length: 113 ft 7 in (34.65 m).
Height: 24 ft 9 in (7.56 m).
Max TO wt: 133,000 lb (60,380 kg).
Max level speed: 352 mph (563 kph).

EC-121K Warning Star

Engines 4 x 3,400 h.p. Wright R-3350 turbo-compound piston-engines.
Length 113.6 ft. (34.62 m.)
Wing span 123 ft. (37.47 m.)
Weight, max 137,500 lb. (62,370 kg.)
Crew 6.
Pax cap: 65-89
Max cruise 310 m.p.h. (500 km.p.h.)
Range 4,800 miles (7,700 km.) with 18,000 lb payload



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