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Lockheed L.188 Electra


The design of the Lockheed L-188 Electra began in 1954, and in the following year the company received a launching order from American Airlines.

By the first flight, 144 were already on order. The prototype, first flown on 6 December 1957, was a low-wing monoplane of conventional configuration with retractable tricycle landing gear and powered by four Allison 501D-13, 501D-13A or 501D-15 turboprop engines. Standard accommodation was for 66 to 80 passengers, but a high-density arrangement was available optionally to seat 98.

Several crashes occurred in 1959 that caused Lockheed Corp. to make a few improvements including a stronger wing structure and engine nacelles plus thicker wing skins.

Built initially as the L-188A, the Electra became available also as the longer-range L-188C with increased fuel capacity and operating at a higher gross weight. A total of 170 had been built when production ended unexpectedly early as a result of passenger loss of confidence in the type after two had disintegrated in flight, and by the time remedial modifications had been, incorporated customer airlines were interested in turbojet rather than turboprop-powered aircraft. About half of the total built remained in service in 1992, many of them converted by Lockheed Aircraft Service for convertible passenger/cargo or all-cargo use.




Gallery Air Spray Tanker 89

L-188A Electra
Engines: 4 x Allison 501D-13, 2796kW / 4600 hp
Propellers: Hamilton Standard
Max take-off weight: 51256 kg / 113001 lb
Empty weight: 26036 kg / 57400 lb
Wingspan: 30.18 m / 99 ft 0 in
Length: 31.85 m / 104 ft 6 in
Height: 10.01 m / 32 ft 10 in
Wing area: 120.77 sq.m / 1299.96 sq ft
Cruise speed: 652 km/h / 405 mph
Ceiling: 8655 m / 28400 ft
Range: 3541 km / 2200 miles
Crew: 5
Passengers: 44-98

Engines: 4 x 4,050 h.p. Allison 501-D15 turboprop.
Length 104.5 ft. (31.81 m.)
Wing span 99 ft. (30.18 m.)
Weight empty 57,300 lb. (25,990 kg.)
MTOW: 113,000 lbs (51,227 kg).
Pax cap: 99.
Max cruise 405 m.p.h. (650 km.p.h.)
Ceiling 28,400 ft. (8,655 m.)
Range 2,770 miles (4,458 km.) with 18,000 lb. (8,165 kg.) payload
Cabin width: 10 ft 8 in.
Takeoff run 4,720 ft
Landing roll 4,300 ft



Lockheed L-188 Electra




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