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LiteCraft Bearcat


The Bearcat is a high-performance, rigid-wing, amateur-built aircraft with an all-steel 4130 chrome-moly (linseed oil flushed) fuselage frame that provides a tremendous amount of pilot protection and is resistant to vibration and rough-field conditions. This feature will increase the airframe life expectancy over the current aluminum tube airframes found on most ultralight-type amateur-built aircraft, the company says. The tractor engine mounting and the 4130 chrome-moly bungee shock-absorbing landing gear are capable of absorbing impact in the event of an accident. The standard Bearcat is powered by a 42-hp Rotax 447 engine with the gear-drive reduction unit for a lightweight but efficient power package. The engine will produce 340 pounds of static thrust turning a 68 x 28 propeller. The airframe will accept engines of up to 65 hp. Another high-performance design feature incorporated in the Bearcat is the full-span trailing edge flaperons. The flaperons will be operated as flaps by lever and at the same time be operated as ailerons. When extended up to 40 degrees of, flaps, the wing will exhibit a higher lifting capability, decreasing the takeoff roll and increasing the climb capabilities. Flaperon ex-tension will also create a downdraft on the spray pattern on the AG version to ensure better crop penetration of chemical. The airframe is stressed for +6 and -4 G’s.

Powerplant: Rotax 447 42 hp @ 6450 rpm.
Propeller: 66 x 28 wood.
Length: 17 ft 6 in.
Height (ft): 6.
Wingspan (ft): 30.
Wing area (sq.ft.): 150.
Wing loading (lbs/sq.ft.): 3.8.
Seats: 1.
Empty weight (lbs): 275.
Useful load (lbs): 300.
Maximum takeoff weight (lbs): 575.
Fuel capacity (USG): 5 (10 opt.).
Takeoff roll (ft): 150.
Takeoff over 50-foot obstacle (ft): 650.
Rate of climb (fpm): 800.
Max cruise speed (mph): 70.
Landing roll (ft): 150.
Landing over 50-foot obstacle (ft): 350.
Best rate of climb (mph): 40.
Design speed (mph): 55.
Never exceed (mph): 90.
Stall, power off (mph): 28.
Landing approach speed (mph): 35-40.
Optional equipment: Instrumentation, wheel fairing, brakes, floats.

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