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Lightwing Rooster II


The Rooster2 is John Lee's two-seater and, although it looks totally different from the Rooster 1, it uses similar constructional techniques and materials, and its steering arrangements are also similar; braking, however, comes not from a nose skid but relies solely on the air resistance of the thick-section wing. Along with its 'boxy' fuselage, the thick wing section (entirely a John Lee creation), the aircraft is fitted with a Robin EC44 engine which, because of the engine's position, is mated to a smaller-than -ideal prop. Conceived largely as a trainer, the Rooster 2 has a certain degree of flexibility built into its construction, to enable it to cope with bad landings by inexperienced pilots. The thick cantilever wing was chosen largely to simplify construction - it eliminates the need for rigging wires. While the aircraft can be re-rigged for trailer transport, portability is not a high priority. This aircraft does not in anyway pretend to be car-toppable.
Tandem two-seat single-engined low-wing with conventional three-axis control. Wing has unswept leading edge, swept forward trailing edge and tapering chord; conventional tail. Pitch control by fully flying tail; yaw control by fully flying rudder; rod control by fully flying rudder; roll control by 40%-span ailerons; control inputs through stick for pitch/roll and pedals for yaw. Cantilever wing; wing profile; 100% double-surface. Undercarriage has two wheels with tailskid and nose-skid; no suspension on either wheel. No ground steering. No brakes. Wood fusel-age, partially enclosed. Engine mounted above wing driving pusher propeller.

Engine: Robin EC44, 50hp at 6500rpm.
Propeller diameter 48 inch, 1.22 m.
Toothed-belt reduction, ratio 2.0/1.
Max static thrust 180 lb, 82 kg.
Power per unit area 0.28hp/sq.ft, 3.0hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 13.2 US gal, 11.0 Imp gal, 50.0 litre.
Length overall 23.0 ft, 7.00 m.
Height overall 5.7ft, 1.75m.
Wing span 36.7ft, 11.20m.
Chord at root 6.0ft, 1.82 m.
Chord at tip 3.2ft, 0.97m.
Dihedral 2 deg.
Sweepback 0 deg.
Tailplane span 10.2 ft, 3.12 m.
Rudder height 5.1ft, 1.54m.
Total wing area 18. 1 sq.ft, 16.8 sq.m.
Total aileron area 12.9 sq.ft, 1.2 sq.m.
Rudder area 11.5 sq.ft, 1.07 sq.m.
Total elevator area 21.9 sq.ft 2.03 sq.m.
Wing aspect ratio 7.5/1.
Wheel track 6.6ft, 2.00m.
Main wheels diameter overall 11 inch, 28 cm.
Empty weight 3231b, 147kg.
Max take-off weight 773 lb, 351 kg.
Payload 450 lb, 204 kg.
Max wing loading 4.27 lb/sq.ft, 20.9 kg/sq.m.
Max power loading 15.5 lb/hp, 7.0kg/hp.
Load factors +4.0, -2.0 design.
Max level speed 50 mph, 80 kph.
Never exceed speed 60 mph, 97kph.
Max cruising speed 50mph, 80kph.
Economic cruising speed 40 mph, 64 kph.
Stalling speed 25 mph, 40 kph.
Best glide ratio with power off 10/1 at 35 mph, 56 kph.
Take-off distance 110ft, 35 m.
Landing dis-tance 110 ft, 35 m.
Range at average cruising speed 100 mile, 161 km.




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